Dead Sheriff is:

Eigil Moe - Vocals

Christian Schei - Lead Guitar

Inge Chr. Wiig - Guitar

Lars Marius Krantz - Drums

Stig Johansen - Bass

Dead Sheriff saw the dawn of light as a band in the holy year of 1999. Three different people from different musical backgrounds, felt the hunger, and a profound urge to play something else, create something different than what they had done earlier with other bands.

The names of these three hungry young men was: Lars Marius Krantz, Daniel Stamnes, and Morten Paulsen. All of them came from the same city, the city of Drammen.

Drammen was at the time filled to the edge with semi-cool punk bands, wannabe hardcore bands, and stinky, white trash hippie bands. There was a small group of outsiders that wore denim, cowboy boots and slick hair, but they were ridiculed by the current musical-police, and none of them had the ability, nor the talent to start a real band. Both Lars and Daniel had been part of several punk and hardcore bands, but the growing extremist straight-edge culture, made it impossible to pursue the dream of rock-stardom and all the fun and glamour that follows a band to the top of the world. Although most of the hardcore musicians did not approve the most extreme straight-edge people, the intolerance in these peoples minds pervaded the whole music scene, and made the genre difficult to swallow for the common man (sadly of course. Hardcore music is a beautiful genre, and the music in it self is a fine way to get rid of aggression…)

These three people started jamming together, without a name or a musical guideline. The jamming led to a mixture of rock & roll, strongly influenced by the speed and energy of punk music. The need for a second guitarist and a vocalist, led to the arrival of Inge Christian Wiig, and the strong and high-pitch vocal possessed by Eigil Moe.

The argue about the bands name went on for some time, and the first name they all could agree on was "Sheriff". Then someone told them that a French band held same name, and the argue was again forced upon the members. "Ahh! Those French bastards! I wish they were dead!" then someone cried out loud; "Hey! How about "Dead Sheriff"!" They all laughed out loud, bottles breaking, and the name was settled.

Within the year 2000, the band finished a four song demo tape. The tape helped them get gigs outside Drammen, and they quickly established a reputation of being a kickass rock band on stage. A live performance with the strong smell of gunpowder. In 2001 the band released their first studio album "Rock Is real". Morten quit the band just a few months after the release of the album and moved his skinny ass to Disneyland, for reasons nobody really understood. He was quickly replaced by the local guitar hero, Christian Schei. By the end of the year 2002, Dead Sheriff released the second studio album "Rock apocalyptica". The album was distributed worldwide by the American record label Dionysus Records.

In 2004, the third studio album was recorded, but this time with a change in the line up. Daniel was replaced with a full-blooded fisherman from the highest-north of Norway. He went by the name Jim Johansen. A big, loud man. The album recorded In 2004 were named "By all means" and was released by the Norwegian label Facefront and VME. the record was primarily released in the Norwegian record market, but the distribution was later extended to cover most of the European market.

The recording of the latest album started up in December 2005. This time with yet another bass-player, Stig Johansen. The studio-sessions were effective, but with enormous gaps between them, so the last recording-session was not accomplished before mid-March. The finishing mix of the material was not completed before late September the same year, due to some unfortunate mishaps along the way. The album is not yet released, but it will hopefully be in place at your local record-store by the end of this year.

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